Google Earth API Updated to Version 5.0

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Google Earth API Updated to Version 5.0

April 2nd, 2009

Google has released a new version of the Google Earth API and Plugin today.  Based on the release notes, there are a lot of goodies for users and developers.

The upgrade extends recent Google Earth 5.0 client features into the Plugin including Tour Playback and Ocean Content as mentioned by Frank Taylor at Google Earth Blog.

Basic timeline support is also available – an oft requested feature since the release of the plugin last May (it’s really been almost a year!).  Play the Death Valley Driving Tour with the new Plugin – this was one of the 1st KML files to use the original timeline support in Google Earth 4.  If you don’t see the timeline, you’ll need to uninstall the GE Plugin and reinstall it to get the latest version.

Further improving custom event handling, Google has added 3 new event handler routines for capturing user interaction with the map via the GEView object: viewchangebegin, viewchange, and viewchangeend.  This way you don’t need to use a custom function like the one we demonstrated previously.

New methods for getting the current view bounds and for determining the streaming status for imagery and terrain are also available.

Google Earth Enterprise customers get the ability to configure Plugin instances to use their custom Google Earth servers – providing Enterprise customers the option to use the GE Client, GE Plugin, and Google Maps as ways to disseminate custom datasets.  Google has updated the API documentation and posted Release Notes for the upgrades.

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