Mano Marks lead off on the 1st Google Geo session for Google I/O this year.

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First up were updates, enhancements, and changes for the Google Earth API and Google Earth support for HMTL.  Highlights included

  • The new Tour KML tags for GE 5.0
  • Use of update tags during Tours to create animations during tours
  • Using the GE API to playback tours
  • Limited HTML 5 is operative within GE 5.0 including video and audio tags on the Mac (via webkit 4.5 on PC)
  • Based on an audience question, JavaScript support for JS within KML description windows will be resolved soon

SketchUp API – Mano showed some neat physics simulations which use the SketchUp API.

Pamela Fox presented on Google Maps APIs.

  • Travelling Salesman in Google Maps
  • StaticMaps API does support directions
  • Google Maps API can be used for Desktop Applications (Section 7.1c in the Terms of Service)
  • Reverse Geocoding, you can get full jSON on reserve lookups for large areas and the bounding box will be returned as the recommended viewport
  • ClientLocation API to use IP to rough guess user location
  • Monetization: GoogleBar and Maps Ad Unit
  • Recoloring tiles in Flash (mush be approved by Google)
  • 3D Flash Map with GE API like rotation control in Flash 9 and 10 (coming soon)
  • Google Maps “Qualified Developer” program

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